Blue laser – the latest generation of technological achievement for the removal of benign skin tumors



Publication date: 02.05.2018


The blue laser is the latest technological breakthrough in the removal of benign skin tumors.
The blue laser (Milesman Blauman) is used for small skin lesions such as
vascular and pigmented, for example: warts, nevi, hyperplasia, keratoses, telangiectasias, angiomas, etc.

Meet the interview with dermatologist Soso Kobakhidze, consultant at the Zhordania clinic:

1. Mr. Soso, tell us about this latest
method. The blue laser is a technological achievement of the latest generation for the removal of benign skin tumors, its penetration into the depth of the skin is very small, which ensures the protection of surrounding tissues.
2. When is it used?
Used for small skin lesions
vascular and pigmented, for example: warts, nevi, hyperplasia, keratoses, telangiectasias, angiomas, etc.
3 Can the problem be completely eliminated in one session? – Yes, one session is enough to eliminate most problems.
4. How is the procedure carried out? – The procedure requires preparation, skin cleansing, asepsis and antisepsis. The procedure does not require anesthesia. The action takes place in seconds.
5. Do you have any discomfort after the procedure? – The procedure is completely painless. Hypersensitive patients may experience mild tingling.
6. How long does the procedure take? – The procedure takes seconds, while the preparation of the patient before the procedure requires about 10-15 minutes
8. How to take care of yourself after the procedure? – Observing basic hygiene. It does not require special care.
10. What is the difference between other lasers and other methods? – Most other procedures require anesthesia. Electric knife and CO2 laser require anesthesia. This laser can be used on very small elements (from 0.5 to 3 mm). Result this minute. It’s fast. Bleeding is not typical, for example, as during surgical interventions.
Recommendations after the procedure:
no sunbathing for 4 weeks, no sauna for 2 days and no peeling for 5 days.
Sunbathing is not recommended for 4 weeks after the procedure.
During the first two days it is not recommended to visit the sauna,
contraindications to peeling are pregnancy and skin cancer, a tendency to keloids.
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