Male infertility – genetic factors



Publication date: 23.02.2021


As we discussed in the previous article, there are many factors that cause male infertility, including genetic factors. What should we know about this issue?

15-30% of cases of male infertility are due to genetic factors.

What exactly do genetic factors mean? these are:

Chromosomal disorders – quantitative and structural changes.

The most common pathology among quantitative chromosome disorders is Klinefelter syndrome (47XXY), when a man is born with two X and one Y chromosome. The cause of infertility is a violation of spermatogenesis.

Microdeletion of the Y chromosome is noteworthy from the structural abnormalities of the chromosomes. The reason for infertility is the absence of spermatogenesis.

Monogenic diseases – diseases, the development of which is responsible for only one gene and its changes.

Cystic fibrosis and Kallmann’s syndrome are noteworthy among monogenic diseases. In the case of cystic fibrosis, male infertility is caused by anatomical defects, and in the case of Kallman’s syndrome – hypogonadism and abnormal sperm counts.

Mitochondrial mutations.

Multifactorial diseases – diseases whose development is caused by the coexistence of several cofactors, including genetic ones.

Genetically determined endocrine disorders.

When should you consult a reproductive specialist?

  • If your family history is loaded with the above mentioned or other genetic pathologies
  • If your anamnesis is loaded with the above mentioned or other genetic pathologies
  • If you have a history of urological surgery in childhood
  • If your diagnosis is infertility
  • If several attempts at treating your infertility have been unsuccessful
  • If you are under the supervision of an endocrinologist due to any pathology
  • If you are overweight

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