Patient history part 1



Publication date: 18.01.2021




Probably everyone who starts a family starts thinking about having a child at the same time. Some try to organize their career first and then think about their children. I also belong to this second category. Until I defended my thesis, I couldn’t think about having a child, because I didn’t have anyone to help me, so I couldn’t risk thinking about a child. But it turns out that it was not so easy. It has been 2 months of fruitless attempts. We went to the doctor and the doctor refused to visit us again until at least 6 months have passed; We cannot start any treatment.

I can’t tell you how these 6 months dragged on, it seemed like a century. Of course, after fruitless waiting, we started looking for the problem. It turned out that I have polycystic ovaries and it is almost impossible to get pregnant without medical help due to an anovulatory cycle. We started stimulation without any preparation and adjusting the hormones, probably no doctor would have done something like this in Georgia, they would start adjusting the hormones and then move on to the attempt. But when you have no power over yourself, you are subject to the “order” of the doctor.

We did one stimulation, no result. We added doses, but we still could not stimulate the ovaries. We added dexamethasone and suddenly we had such a reaction that we had to cancel the cycle. In short, to say at least 3 years of unsuccessful attempts. Finally, we decided to risk artificial insemination. Again we started the cycle without any preparation. Which ended with receiving only one embryo and that too with a chemical pregnancy. They immediately offered us a second attempt, in which they literally did not change anything, and we had to try blindly again. To which I categorically refused and began to think about entrusting my fate to Georgian doctors.

I contacted several doctors, they interviewed me over the phone, they asked me to do various tests. Adjusting the hormonal background and then thinking about artificial insemination.

In this selection, we stopped our attention on Jordania clinic, in particular, Mrs. Nana (Nana Janelidze) and let’s trust her purpose. Thanks to the already written plan, as soon as I landed in Georgia, we would immediately start the treatment. I am always happy to go to Georgia, but now this flight was filled with a completely different joy. with joy and hope.

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