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Publication date: 15.02.2021




Probably everyone who starts a family starts thinking about having a child at the same time. Some try to organize their career first and then think about their children. I also belong to this second category. Until I defended my thesis, I couldn’t think about having a child, because I didn’t have anyone to help me, so I couldn’t risk thinking about a child. But it turns out that it was not so easy. It has been 2 months of fruitless attempts. We went to the doctor and the doctor refused to visit us again until at least 6 months have passed; We cannot start any treatment.

I can’t tell you how these 6 months dragged on, it seemed like a century. Of course, after fruitless waiting, we started looking for the problem. It turned out that I have polycystic ovaries and it is almost impossible to get pregnant without medical help due to an anovulatory cycle. We started stimulation without any preparation and adjusting the hormones, probably no doctor would have done something like this in Georgia, they would start adjusting the hormones and then move on to the attempt. But when you have no power over yourself, you are subject to the “order” of the doctor.

We did one stimulation, no result. We added doses, but we still could not stimulate the ovaries. We added dexamethasone and suddenly we had such a reaction that we had to cancel the cycle. In short, to say at least 3 years of unsuccessful attempts. Finally, we decided to risk artificial insemination. Again we started the cycle without any preparation. Which ended with receiving only one embryo and that too with a chemical pregnancy. They immediately offered us a second attempt, in which they literally did not change anything, and we had to try blindly again. To which I categorically refused and began to think about entrusting my fate to Georgian doctors.

I contacted several doctors, they interviewed me over the phone, they asked me to do various tests. Adjusting the hormonal background and then thinking about artificial insemination.

In this selection, we stopped our attention on Jordania clinic, in particular, Mrs. Nana (Nana Janelidze) and let’s trust her purpose. Thanks to the already written plan, as soon as I landed in Georgia, we would immediately start the treatment. I am always happy to go to Georgia, but now this flight was filled with a completely different joy. with joy and hope.


For those of you who are reading this excerpt from my “diary”, I want to tell you that I have read many similar excerpts during this difficult period. A lot of people helped me to get through those hard moments, tortures and days. That’s why I want to write about my adventure to help you, the reader of this excerpt, and to instill a spark of hope. I devoted almost five years to becoming a mother, during this time I gained a lot of experience in choosing a doctor and treatment. It is very difficult when they tell you that neither you nor your spouse have any problems, but pregnancy does not occur. The only solution is in vitro fertilization. I fought for a long time with the idea of ​​choosing this method of treatment, but finally I dared and did it. Of course, I would not have been able to do anything on this thorny road without my wife’s support, she agreed to everything I wanted. But to come out. During these five years, we went through many disappointments, but I never lost hope. The most important thing that made me decide to do invitro with Mrs. Nana Janelidze was that she listened to me and did not impose a general prepared protocol on me, which I could not convince other doctors. My case was approached as an individual patient, not as a general in vitro patient, with an individual dosage and approach. Of course, you can’t determine everything in advance, so during the treatment, the plans were relatively changed, Mrs. Nana went through each change with me and encouraged me that everything would be better. As it should be, after a long wait and preparation, we made the transfer and on the third day I flew to my second homeland, hoping that I would have a positive answer in my hand in 10 days. These 10 days were the longest 10 days….but the unhappiest tenth day. I held a positive answer in my hand and waited for the next doctor’s visits to become happier and happier.


Positive answer – I still remember this feeling, in the morning I went to the laboratory and took a blood test, with great hope that there would be a positive answer. It was the longest and longest day of my life. Each call caused a helpless surge of adrenaline in the blood and I could withstand the rapid heartbeat in the hope of a positive answer. As it turned out, at the end of the day, they called me and told me that I would soon become a mother. That’s not all, we had to check the blood test in 48 hours to make sure the fetus is growing. That’s nothing – I passed it and the hormones in the blood increased as needed. Now we were waiting for the fifth week to see the great fruit of our love. We saw our little one and my heart jumped as much as my only one did at that moment 170 beats per minute. It was the happiest moment when you hear your child’s heart beating inside you. I waited for this day for 5 years and I attended.

Soon we found out that we were expecting a girl. All the happiness was waiting for me. His first expansion and feeling that he was near my heart was my only joy and fruit of love. I was impatiently waiting for each of its expansions. So 40 happy weeks passed and our beautiful baby girl was born. I had such great emotions when I saw him that my whole body trembled and I started crying hysterically. I had one soul when I was invited to my heart and I would feel its first touch.

I want all women to experience this great happiness called motherhood. For this, you need to not give up on your dream and don’t put down your shield and sword, fight while you have the strength, as soon as I heard his voice, I forgot 5 years of pain, needles, analyzes in one second. It was the greatest happiness. Today my joy is already a year and a half old. It makes me happy and cheers up life for half a year. Everyone, everyone who is reading this excerpt now, I wish you a sense of this great length. Join the ranks of motherhood soon!

Natia Kipshidze – Cell

Jordania clinic patient



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