New course of lectures of the school of mothers and fathers from May 30

Publication date: 17.05.2022

The School of Mothers and Fathers is a successful project of the Jordanian Clinic, which helps all interested parents to acquire informed and caring parenting skills, so that they can face the birth of a child with confidence and preparedness.

Meet life’s most important event informed, take care of your baby before birth and get knowledge from professionals with many years of experience without leaving home.

The new course of lectures will start from May 30 and will be held online (on the Zoom platform)


  1. Peculiarities of pregnancy – 30.05.2022
  2. Nutrition for pregnant women/exercises for pregnant women – 31.05.2022
  3. physiological delivery/caesarean section; Anesthesia – 01.06.2022
  4. Psychology of pregnant women – 02.06.2022
  5. breastfeeding; Child hygiene and father’s role – 03.06.2022
  6. Newborn care – 04.06.2022
  7. Newborn nutrition (nutritionist advice)/newborn skin care – 05.06.2022

Sessions start time – 19:00

For registration –

For detailed information, write to us as a private message or contact us

For detailed information, call 032 2 99 08 53

Miss: Digomi, Chachava 1/Ljubljana 5

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