Patient history – the path to in vitro fertilization

Publication date: 08.04.2021

The road to in vitro fertilization turned out to be quite long and difficult, we came to this decision for a long time, we read a lot, learned about the experiences of different couples, my wife and I sat for hours on forums and studied everything in depth. Our history was like this, both me and my wife had problems, which we It interfered with the reproductive function and pregnancy. Due to the complex problem, we planned to go abroad and receive treatment there, however, as a result of a lot of research and thinking, we chose Georgia, in particular, the Jordania clinic. From the day of our arrival, we completely trusted the team of the clinic, both me and my wife did various studies, then we had a time when we had to make the final decision to perform the in vitro fertilization procedure. It was quite difficult to make this decision. But we decided to plan the day and then there was a lot of anxiety about how it would turn out. During this time, I read a lot about the importance of mental state. I worked on myself and started to get results that came very soon.

The happiest day for our family is the day we come home with our beautiful newborn baby girl

Many thanks to all the specialists of Jordania Clinic, who were involved in our “journey” from the beginning and went through this difficult and fruitful path with us.


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