The renovated Jordanian clinic is 5 years old

Publication date: 08.06.2022

The renovated Jordanian clinic is 5 years old

The Scientific Research Institute of Human Reproduction named after I.Jordania was considered a leading institution in the field of reproduction since 1958, after merging with the “Vivo Medical Group”, it was completely renovated, renovated and started functioning with a new composition.

The medical center joined “Vivo Medical Group” for 5 years and continues to work under the name of “Jordania Clinic”. The center offers patients the most rationalized medical services implemented using modern technologies, the quality of which is in full compliance with international analogues. The center implements safe, effective and successful methods of infertility and childlessness treatment, including assisted reproductive technologies.

The clinic maintains the status of the leading center of the field, the main directions, continues to operate with new plans and innovations.

Thank you very much for your trust!

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