Patient history part 2



Publication date: 10.02.2021


For those of you who are reading this excerpt from my “diary”, I want to tell you that I have read many similar excerpts during this difficult period. A lot of people helped me to get through those hard moments, tortures and days. That’s why I want to write about my adventure to help you, the reader of this excerpt, and to instill a spark of hope. I devoted almost five years to becoming a mother, during this time I gained a lot of experience in choosing a doctor and treatment. It is very difficult when they tell you that neither you nor your spouse have any problems, but pregnancy does not occur. The only solution is in vitro fertilization. I fought for a long time with the idea of ​​choosing this method of treatment, but finally I dared and did it. Of course, I would not have been able to do anything on this thorny road without my wife’s support, she agreed to everything I wanted. But to come out. During these five years, we went through many disappointments, but I never lost hope. The most important thing that made me decide to do invitro with Mrs. Nana Janelidze was that she listened to me and did not impose a general prepared protocol on me, which I could not convince other doctors. My case was approached as an individual patient, not as a general in vitro patient, with an individual dosage and approach. Of course, you can’t determine everything in advance, so during the treatment, the plans were relatively changed, Mrs. Nana went through each change with me and encouraged me that everything would be better. As it should be, after a long wait and preparation, we made the transfer and on the third day I flew to my second homeland, hoping that I would have a positive answer in my hand in 10 days. These 10 days were the longest 10 days….but the unhappiest tenth day. I held a positive answer in my hand and waited for the next doctor’s visits to become happier and happier.

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