Pediatric services of Beibirum – Jordan Chikovani Clinic

Publication date: 23.05.2022

The Vaki branch of the Jordanian Clinic offers the new BABYROOM service in the field of pediatrics, which includes the full service of leading pediatricians, on an outpatient basis and on call to the apartment. You can use the services of a pediatrician for patients aged 0 to 18 years.

The Babyroom service was established by the joint cooperation of neonatologists, pediatricians and Jordania Clinic and was added to the clinics of the Vivo Medical Group.

Many years of professional experience, relations with mothers of newborns made us decide to create a service where a team of professional doctors and nurses would help, teach and provide information to new mothers on the primary skills and principles of care needed to care for a newborn in the first days of life.

In “Babyroom” you will receive the support of professional doctors and nurses, guidelines for parents to be confident, to acquire and strengthen the necessary skills, to be confident in your decisions in this important period of your life.

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